Why Ramatama?

Ramatama is what I feel I am. It’s all I do in my life, what I like, what I dream of.

ItĀ is a brand long lost in my memories which meant a lot to me: friendship, passion, thoughtlessness, hard work, commitment.
Now it’s a style.. my lifestyle; just simple as that.



I’m a Biologist. I’ve been working as a clinical embryologist since 2009. What is that, you may ask: if there is anyone in the world who does create life, literally, that’s an embryologist. That’s not the best approach to describe ART (assisted reproductive technologies) as people are generally scared by it, but we’re indeed nice and helpful guys šŸ˜‰
I’m a SIERR member since 2013 and an ESHRE member since 2014.

I’m lately much more involved in “collateral” activities related to ART (more on that further down), seminology and prenatal diagnosis.


I like creating things fromĀ simple meaningless bricks. I think it all started with Legoā„¢ and then, when my bare feet couldn’t stand those pesky bricks anymore, I moved to serious business on my Commodore 64:Ā back in the 80s I thought typingĀ 10 PRINT “cacca”, 20 GOTO 10, RUN and then hit ENTER was indeed an achievement!Ā Many years later, in 1995, I started surfing the internet, and around the year 2000, careless of the millennium bug, I created my first website.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, less

I’m now skilled in HTML5/CSS3 languages and I do like programming in PHP/MySQL.

I’m the software development manager of theĀ ART web-based management software used in our center for clinical and laboratory routine andĀ I’m currently personally programming our laboratory tests management software.

sublime text, atom, textmate

Sublime TextĀ andĀ Atom (win) are my current choices for programming; used to code on textmate (mac) back in the time.

WordPress is ok for me; Bootstrap‘s cool.

Quality Management System

I am also deeply involved in Quality Management System (QMS) as our center is an EU authorised tissue establishment with an UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (2015 soon to be) certified Quality Management System and, lo and behold, I’m the QS Manager.

vintage typewriter

Looks like this is currently one of my main role @ my job career and it’s also the one I’m less passionate to be involved in.Ā Life’s funny, uh?
Luckily enough my OCD-side has always loved doing schematic things like typing wishlists on my old typewriter (pic not related, I’m not that old!) or doing databases on my Amigaā“‡ for anything that would come to mind and that helped a lot! I have some fun times drawingĀ up modules and forms and most likely any paper used in our routine lab work is a creature of mine.


And now for something completely different. I’m an avid gamer or… well, at least I used to beĀ šŸ˜„


I’ve been playing videogames for my whole life starting as a li’l kid with some nice Pong, Game&Watch and Atari 2600. I’ve had the pleasure to live the pioneer age, Pong, Game&Watch, the Commodore, the BASIC, the first DOS PCs and consoles and arcades… you name it!

tree of life - world of warcraft

During the past internet ages (or should I say aeons?) I happened to be founder of anĀ IRC retro-gaming channel, I created some game related websites and managed to be a Guild Master raiding and healing as a Tree of Life (don’t ask what it means šŸ˜› ) in an italian-lead-competing battle inĀ a crazy game named World of Warcraft.

I also love geeky-nerdy stuff like RGB colored silent mechanical keyboards, gaming mouses, last generation phones, tablets and tech gadgets in general; I like assembling my own PC from scratch so I’m used to work with high-endĀ components.



Incidentally i’m also going to become a dad quite soon. That’s the most extraordinary thing that could ever happen to me as the word dad was never part of my life before.

My heart will grow to contain the love for all the people I loveĀ šŸ™‚


’80s love